Linie productie usi ferestre yilmaz utilaje productie usi ferestre complet automat.

Compania noastra din Romania este importator si distribuitor al utilajelor de Linie productie usi ferestre yilmaz utilaje productie usi ferestre yilmaz.

Utilaje Pvc WIZARD


Masini de debitat

Utilaje pvc OMURZAK

Masini de debitat
Masini de sudat profile pvc

Utilaje pvc BATIPEN
Masini de debitat
Masini de sudat profile pvc

Piese schimb utilaje pvc

Cutite pentru masina de debavurat. Mai multe detalii...


Linie de productie usi si ferestre YILMAZ- Utilaje profesionale de productie usi si ferestre din aluminiu si pvc!

Utilajele YILMAZ sunt fabricate conform normelor europene, detin toate agrementele necesare inclusiv marcajul CE iar caracteristica lor cea mai importanta este CALITATEA.

Lineie de sudare si utilaje debavurat CNC YILMAZ - CCL 1660

utilaje sudat yilmazCorner Welding And Cleaning Line - CCL 1660
After simultaneous welding of four PVC profiles corners the frame goes to robotized corner cleaning system for the following procedures.
Touch-screen control panel,
Different cutters for the white and colored profiles,
Barcode system,
0,2-2 mm welding space for the colored profiles (automatically adjusted),
Cooling System – Rotating System,
Robotized corner cleaning system,
Automatic lubrication system and low lubricant warning system,
Milling cutters and saws rotation control,
Electric voltage and Air pressure control,
Safety Light barrier for the operators and environment security,
Comply with CE Standard

Utilaje de sudat la patru capete YILMAZ - DK 540

Yilmaz masinaPVC Four Corner Welding Machine - DK 540
The welding machine is designed to weld 4 corners of PVC profiles automatic in simultaneously and for serials weld.
Works with PLC control unit with handle display
The machine has speciality to differentiate coloured and white profile. Can be regulated welding interval (0, 2 -2 m) of the colour Profile automatically.
Welding angle of the profile is 90°.
There is system for evacuation the profile after welding
For safety there is a protective barrier
Can be constitute manufacture knowledge for 200 unit Profile and preservation them in memory
Possibility working in 10 languages version.
The machine is designed according to the < CE > instructions.

Utilaje de debavurat CNC YILMAZ - CNC 610

yilmaz debavuratPvc Corner Cleaning Machine ( Four Servo Engine ) CNC 610
Corner Cleaning Machine designed for cleaning at 90° of PVC profiles corners after welding.
Windows based PLC control system with touch screen display
4 servo drive motors
11 tooling units comprising cutters, saw blade, & drills
White and colored profile recognition from the control panel
Access to stored programs enables easy repetitive operations
Different cutters for white and colored profiles
Simultaneous upper and lower profile cleaning independently of other cleaning units
Automatic lubrication system
Machine complies with CE Safety Directives

Sistem de racire YILMAZ - SA 250

yilmaz frezat montantiCooling System - SA 250
Cooling System



Sistem robotizat de intoarcere YILMAZ - SA 260

yilmaz pantografRobotized Rotating System - SA 260
Robotized Rotating System





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