Utilaje reciclare PP PE PET PVC Utilaje reciclare pet linie reciclat deseuri pet complet masini reciclare tehnologie reciclare.

Linie automat de reciclare deseuri din peturi pina la 1000 kg/h compet automat cu minim personal.

UTILAJE RECICLARE PET. Masini reciclare deseuri si resturi din PP, PE, PVC - PET

Utilaje reciclare deseuri Plastic PP PE -Linie reciclare PLASTICE complet -
Utilaje reciclare deseuri PET -Linie reciclare PET complet -
Utilaje reciclare CABLU -Linie reciclare CABLURI ELECTRICE complet -
Shredder - Tocator moara macinat plastic -dezintegratoare
Aglomerator (densificator) reciclare plastic
Utilaj Stoarcere plastic - Presa pentru eliminare apa
Unitate de spalat plastic - Vas de spalare plastic


Linie reciclare PET - Linie reciclat deseuri PET complet

Linie automat de reciclare deseuri din PET pina la 1000 kg/h .
Principale si auxiliare de echipamente a sectorului de reciclare a deseurilor de pet care acopera intregul proces de productie in functie de cerintele clientului.Linie reciclare pet
Linii de reciclare a deseurilor si resturi de pet
• Utilaje de strivire (umeda - uscata).
• Transportoarelor (orizontale - inclinate).
• Detectoare si separatoare de metal.
• Separatorul de praf si eticheta.
• Snecuri
• Rezervoare de separarea si spalare.
• Masini de spalat cu apa calda si caustice.
• Centrifuge (verticale - orizontale).
• Uscatoare de aer calda si uscatoare infrarosu de cristalizare.
• Statii de incarcare si depozitare.


PET Recycling
PET Bottle recycling

Work Principle of PET Bottle Recycling Line

Crushing machine converts PET bottles into certain sized PET flakes. Water is fed by spraying into crushing chamber and dirt is removed and pre washing is achieved by this process.

An auger at the bottom of crusher collect and carries flakes to next step.Linie-reciclare-pet

Next step is a pool which is separating caps and labels from flakes. Caps and labels are mostly made of polypropylene (PP) and float on water while PET material sunk. Sprays which is located on pool force cap and label pieces to overflow into removal auger.

Two augers placed at the bottom of the pool carries PET flakes to the end of the pool while removing PP material by a mixing action. PET flakes enter into a tunnel at the end of the pool and leave pool by rising with push force of augers.

Vertical separator removes dirt and water from PET flakes surface and conveys flakes to chemical washing unit.

In chemical washing unit PET flakes are washed with hot water and chemicals in order to remove glue on surface of PET flakes. Friction action in chemical washing unit help remove glue and dirt.

Digital dosaging pump with pHmeter keeps Ph level of the solution in certain level ensuring washing action is effective all the time.

Material which is coming out of washing unit enter neutrilising unit. In this stage digital dosaging pump with pHmeter feeds small amount of acid in order to neutrilise chemicals from previous unit.

Vertical separator removes dirt and water from PET flakes surface and conveys flakes to chemical washing unit.

Next step is rinsing pool cleaning flakes while removing remaining caps and labels. Second rinsing pool ensures PET flakes are completely clean.


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